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120% Increase in SDR Dials

The Challenge

A call center with a fleet of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are tasked to meet daily KPIs, such as dials and call connections – key metrics for an SDR.

The challenge: dialing a number doesn’t guarantee a connection to a human. Calling phone numbers that ring out and don’t pick up, or divert to voice mail wastes time and is unproductive.

If you’re an SDR, a string of consecutive no answer dials or diverts to voice mail feels demoralizing and demotivating. The role of an SDR is challenging, and maintaining peak mental performance is tough when you can’t talk to a human to do your job.


Vacon created a script that dials the prospect’s number and uses an AI model to classify if a person answers the call, no answer, or diverts to voice mail.

The AI model is a “call classifier” that distinguishes between:

  1. Live human voice
  2. No answer (call rings out)
  3. Voice mail recording

By training the AI model in the 3 classifications, AI is able to connect SDRs to a live human on every call.

Tech Stack


  • 100% call connection rate!!!
    (previously unheard of in the call center industry)

  • Zero wasted time on unproductive dials

  • 120% increase in outbound dials

  • 23% uptick in meetings booked

  • 32% increase in sales pipeline

  • SDRs report higher job satisfaction and happiness with the AI model

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