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Proof of Concept

“I have an idea I want to validate fast.”

Fully functional, working proof of concept validating your idea so you can pitch investors, drive traffic to landing pages, or create video demos to secure pre-launch customers.

Minimum Viable Product

“I want to build a working product.”

You’ve proved your proof of concept works, now retain a team to build your MVP. You’ll get a dedicated Project Manager and full-time developer. This package suits entrepreneurs and startups exploring ideas and features as the project is being built. It’s flexible and accommodates changes in scope of work.

Data Integrity Verification

“I need a data scientist to validate my data.”

Bad data can often mean unviable project results. Your idea might be viable, but if your data isn’t clean, you’ll get false negative PoC/MVP results. This may wrongly suggest your business idea isn’t viable. We’ll have data scientists ensure your project stands a chance by checking the integrity of your data.

AI Consultancy

“I need AI experts to advise on my project.”

Sometimes you just need temporary expertise (like a data scientist or an AI web-dev specialist) to help you with a challenge. We’re often used as consultants for larger in-house projects requiring specialized AI skills and expertise.

Happy customers
We receive thousands of documents we manually categorize and file. We wanted automation with accuracy and contacted Vacon. They developed a proof of concept in weeks, and we're now 100% automated; saving admin costs and valuable hours.
James Thomas, COO
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