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Validate your idea fast with fixed-price proof of concepts delivered in just 6 weeks, guaranteed!

Your great idea could be the next big thing

There's more than 30,000 SaaS companies and 14 billion SaaS customers on the market today. New technologies have lowered (the once high) barriers to launch a SaaS product.

For just a few thousand dollars and 6 weeks, you can now validate your business idea and launch tomorrow's next big thing!

Every unicorn was first a PoC

Software success stories rarely happen by accident. Billion dollar valuations often start as small proof of concepts (PoC) to test big ideas. We understand delivering successful PoCs require fit-for-purpose technicals and savvy commercials.

Fortune favors the fast (to market)

Speed to market gives you competitive advantage. Accelerate your time-to-value and quickly discover if your idea is technically viable with a rapid proof of concept delivered in just 6 weeks.

If you can dream it, we can build it

The speed of innovation and advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) compute is doubling every 3.4 months! What was once not possible, now is.
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how it works

Proof of concept questions

A proof of concept (PoC) is a software sprint exercise to evaluate the technological feasibility of an idea. It’s often a stand-alone project to validate if a core feature, functionality or idea can be implemented, and will work as originally envisioned.

A PoC focuses on the viability of an untested hypothesis (your idea) to establish its practicality before dedicating production-level resources (i.e. spending money on a full production software release). 

A PoC is used at the pre-product stage as it requires minimal investment to establish if your idea could be the next big thing.

The greatest benefit of a proof of concept (PoC) is the ability to test and validate an idea, fast. PoC’s can save you money by quickly establishing the viability of your idea at a fixed cost and time.

Other important benefits of a proof of concept include:

  • The ability to gain first impression feedback to consider for your minimum viable product (MVP)
  • You can start pre-release marketing (using video demos to build your early adopter waitlist) and onboard your first customers before starting your MVP or official software release
  • PoCs help you discover the best technology stack for the software powering your PoC
  • You’ll be able to gauge investor interest in the future software product and a PoC offers a higher probability of raising funds
  • You’ll be able to simplify and improve the ease of testing and validating ideas for your software’s functionality

A proof of concept is a bare minimum feasibility study that serves to answer one question: “can this idea work?”

As a bare minimum, PoCs don’t prioritize user interface, user experience, security, or development best practices. PoCs exist to answer the question if your idea is viable and technologically possible.

Whereas a minimum viable product (MVP) is a releasable version of your product that contains enough core features to attract early adopters (potential customers). Early adopters can interact with your MVP, allowing you to understand user stories and needs. This valuable initial feedback often makes its way into your next MVP version to improve the user experience and help you focus on your target market’s needs.

MVPs are small in scale, fast and affordable, to help you validate market needs without the associated high costs required to build a full production version.

As long as we have everything we need from you, we’ll be able to validate your idea in a proof of concept (PoC), delivered on time. Keep in mind every project varies in complexity. 6-weeks is our average PoC delivery – and depending on the complexity of your project – it could take longer. We’ll be very transparent from the beginning of your PoC brief so you’ll know exactly what you’ll get, when, and how much it will cost (before your project starts).

A good POC process should include the following:

  1. Clearly defined criteria for success
  2. Documentation describing the PoC process
  3. An evaluation component; and
  4. A proposal for how to move forward should the PoC prove successful.

Yes, depending on the complexity of your project. We have delivered simple proof of concept ideas in just a few weeks.

Great proof of concepts delivered on time and budget start with strong briefs – the initial consultation and data gathering stage. By understand what you’re trying to achieve – the hypothesis you want to test, and the data you have (or don’t have) – we can understand the true scope of work and resources required. Once we know what outcome you want to achieve, we work backwards on the time and resources required to achieve your needs. We’ve delivered many PoCs for clients and are experienced in costing projects.

We understand such is the nature of proof of concepts. It’s why we also offer a monthly retainer with a dedicated team at your disposal so we can be as agile and flexible as you need. Monthly retainers start for as little as $2,500 USD per month, payable by the month, as and when you need. No lock-in commitments.

Definitely. All intellectual property (IP) rights of your proof of concept remain your property, which is confirmed in writing (in our working agreement).

Absolutely. In addition to accepting standard fiat (USD), we also accept payments in stablecoin (USDC).

Happy customers
We needed to validate an idea fast. Vacon's fixed-price, 6 week proof of concept was just what we needed, and gave us the conviction to proceed to MVP.
Jerry Johnson, CSIO
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